Feeling the Love

Last month I wrapped up two promo projects I’m very proud of.

The “FTL” (Feel The Love) promo for The Front Porch Band is finally here! Check out how awesome and fun my cousin Judy’s band is. It was such a pleasure to work on this project with all of them. Thank you, Judy, Joel, Michael, and all the rest!


I also finished up the edit for a short film and music video I shot last Summer, called “Jesus”. It has truly been an inspiring and awesome project to work on. Last month the film premiered at the Billie Holiday Theatre in Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, and I was fortunate enough to attend and document the event. The showing and response from the community was humbling and powerful, I’ve never seen anything like it!

As some of you know, I’ve had a lot of exposure to film trailers at my day job, so it was fun to use my new knowledge of that form in putting together this trailer for “Jesus”. The film is being submitted to various film festivals now; check out this trailer in the meantime.

Production Dream: “Nine Lives” … and a Cute Cat Video

I swear, I’ve got cats on the brain.

This episode of Production Dream is one I’m really proud of, which showcases the evolution of Wolf and our working relationship in the context of the series. The footage is almost a year old, but now I’m on pace to release material “seasonally” as we head into 2014, so I’m excited about that. I think I have about a dozen more short episodes left in me (ie: another “season”) before I start thinking of it as a long-form documentary project…

Anyway, enjoy episode 9! And for a complete series index, check out the Production Dream page.

Also, I’m applying to MFA programs for Directing right now, and one of my applications required a “Self-Introductory Video Essay,” the only rule of which was that I could not be in it. So this performance video of drums n’ kittens was the result.

My friends Sean and Rachel accompany me in the video — I’ve been playing with them in their band, The Summer Januaries, for a little while now, and it’s been lots of fun! You can check out their website here.

New Production Dream Episode: “Sandy”

In honor of the 1st anniversary of Hurricane Sandy, the latest episode of “Production Dream” portrays what it was like working Production through the storm, a year ago this month.

I’m submitting this, along with the other seven episodes of the series, to the LA Web Fest this week! Unrelatedly, I’m also heading up to LA tomorrow to see some old friends, and root for the Dodgers!

Enjoy the new ep, and check out the entire series here!

Website Is Up!

Beginning a new life in sunny San Diego! My first order of business after settling in was to get mattmarlin.com up and running. Welcome!

I have some new projects in the pipeline that I’ll write more about here, as they develop. Check out the various “WORK” links to see what I’ve been up to lately, including a new Director Demo Reel, cut to the tune of Dan Friel’s “Ulysses”!

Art by Maya Hayuk, from Dan Friel’s latest album, “Total Folklore”