I edited this 90 second reel to include a broad array of mostly music-related projects I directed and edited over the last few years. Please enjoy, and check out the info and links below. The full pieces are available to see in the different sections of the drop-down “work” menu.

Music: “Ulysses” by Dan Friel, from album “Total Folklore” (Thrill Jockey)

(reverse chronological)

Oneida“Fifteen Year Tour” promo, Jagjaguwar Records (2013) 

Dan Friel — “Ulysses” performed at Total Folklore record release show (2013)

Production Dream with James Wolf — web series (2012-present)

Janka Nabay and the Bubu Gang“Somebody” music video, Luaka Bop Records (2012)

Guardian Alien“See the World…” music video, Thrill Jockey Records (2012)

Django Django“Firewater” live session, Avatar Studios NYC, Domino Records (2012)

Man Forever“Being Man Forever” tour promo, Thrill Jockey Records (2012)

Pterodactyl“School Glue” music video, Brah Records (2011)

Starring“July” and “Aphonia” music videos, Northern Spy Records (2010, 2012)




–> “PRODUCTION DREAM” web series


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