Production Dream: “Nine Lives” … and a Cute Cat Video

I swear, I’ve got cats on the brain.

This episode of Production Dream is one I’m really proud of, which showcases the evolution of Wolf and our working relationship in the context of the series. The footage is almost a year old, but now I’m on pace to release material “seasonally” as we head into 2014, so I’m excited about that. I think I have about a dozen more short episodes left in me (ie: another “season”) before I start thinking of it as a long-form documentary project…

Anyway, enjoy episode 9! And for a complete series index, check out the Production Dream page.

Also, I’m applying to MFA programs for Directing right now, and one of my applications required a “Self-Introductory Video Essay,” the only rule of which was that I could not be in it. So this performance video of drums n’ kittens was the result.

My friends Sean and Rachel accompany me in the video — I’ve been playing with them in their band, The Summer Januaries, for a little while now, and it’s been lots of fun! You can check out their website here.